Monday, February 23, 2009

Tracy stops by

We had the pleasure in the Portland area to hear Tracy Disabato Aust recently. She stopped by the Al’s in Sherwood to talk about her new book ’50 High-impact, Low-care Garden Plants’. She picked 12 criteria that she wanted plants to meet to be included in the book. Areas like cold tolerance, minimal division and deadheading, being non-invasive and disease resistance. All of these helped narrow down a list to the 50 she mentioned. Some great plants she found include Golden variegated sweet flag, Paperbark maple and Rozanne Hardy Geranium.
Tracy is such a great speaker and she knows what gardeners are looking for in these tough economic times. You must get this book! Check out the Timber Press website for more info. She also has a website you can visit, Also, check out her story on the Garden Time show coming up in March. We will also be featuring her in the new Garden Time On-line magazine coming out in April.


Tracy DiSabato-Aust said...

Jeff, Thanks so much for coming to Al's. It's always wonderful to talk plants and gardening with you and Judy. I appreciate your contribution to the gardening world with your wonderful programs. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication, and talent. Looking forward to seeing our most recent show together! Tracy DiSabato-Aust

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