Wednesday, October 3, 2007

William's Fall Garden

Hummm, another year in my gardens has already slipped by. This will be the last Fall I enjoy here as I am selling my property to move out to the country. It is an odd mixture of excitement and sadness. I have lived here longer than any place in my life and created a rather extensive set of gardens. So, I have tried to savor this Fall especially and acquire all I can from this thing that is, like summer, going away. It seems that Fall always brings me a touch of melancholy…Summer, which I love more than any other season, is always filled with laughter and beauty. Fall though is filled with it’s own special beauty. As I walk throughout my gardens I see the pendulous blooms of various Fuschias, bravely swaying in the breeze. The gently blossoms showing no lack of vibrancy for the colder, insueing weather. And Begonas…grandis, sutherlandii, even the annual waxleaf, are still bursting with color. They too seem unconcerned that nature has put on warmer clothing. Happy with the act of just being themselves. If anyone tells you that the bloom is off the lily during fall, you have but to look at the Amaryllis belladonna….she needs no warmer outfit as her beautiful four foot stalk, topped with multiple soft pink blossoms, seems to almost taunt winter to arrive and steal her glory!
I am filled with gratitude to live here in the Northwest. Gardening really can be year round…and if you find yourself overwhelmed by change. Or if the race of life seems to misdirect you on your path. May I invite you to find yourself again by walking in your own yard or going to any of the open gardens available to us in Portland. They say we are a reflection of our environment. I can think of no better reflection then that of nature.
Happy Fall to each of you.
Always my best, William