Friday, May 4, 2007


For me it is both the best and worst time of year. The best part of spring, well that seems obvious. What isn’t growing? Blooms are popping out everywhere; leaves are breaking their dormancy on rare and unusual trees that I had forgotten I had even planted! The worst part of spring for me is the weeds. They too seem to revel in this, the busiest season of all. After years of pulling and spraying and cursing; I finally started using pre-emergence (preen, miracle grow, and organically, corn gluten). After two years of a faithful spreading in spring and fall I can finally say that the weeds are under control. Good mulching in the late winter and early spring has also helped to stem these ubiquitous little creatures. As my personal and business life becomes more and more hectic and complicated I am thankful that I chose to use these products as now I can actually walk thru my gardens and find the peace that I have always thought a garden should bring to each individual. So if you are finding yourself taxed by the seemingly merciless growth of weeds, I would encourage you to begin the process of using pre-emergence. I invite you to go to an independent garden center close to you and talk with the staff there about these products. They really can save time and money and a lot of frustration. They have saved my sanity (at least some of my it) and have allowed me to enjoy my gardens more in this wonderful season we call spring. Happy Gardening and we will see you on Garden time!
Best, William