Saturday, April 12, 2008

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Thanks to all of our Garden Time friends that stopped by to say hello at GardenPalooza. William & I are so very happy to have met you all.
We had a great time last Saturday at Fir Point Farms. So what the weather was very cool & windy. So what that it sprinkled on & off all day. We all got to shop for plants, garden art & tasty treats!!!
Plants were flying out of the tents. I saw Fritillarias, Hydrangeas, Hellebores & Senettis in many people’s arms. There were bags with bulbs & garden gloves & many a piece of garden art in the hands of happy gardeners.
All in all there were smiling faces. We are a strange lot, us gardeners. We brave the cold & wet to get together & celebrate Spring!

Take Care,

The Traveling TV

Update on the TV set planter from the YGP show

Many of the audience of Garden Time had seen the TV planter William & I and Show producers, Jeff & Therese created for the Yard, Garden & Patio show in February. The whole TV planter concept was very fun & a lot of donations were made for all the containers in the Celebrity container event. (All monies were donated to the Humane Society of Oregon)
A wonderful G.T. audience member, Laurel, had the winning bid for the TV planter. We were all thrilled. Not only did Laurel win the TV, she did a great deed & turned around and re-donated it to her church silent auction. That TV is on wheels!
We are all happy our ‘creative project’ made the rounds & won a lot of money for great causes.
Thank You Laurel!