Friday, January 23, 2009

A Time for Planning (planting?)

As we work our way through the final winter weeks of January we don’t just sit a home and eat bon-bons waiting for the new season of Garden Time to start. As part of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of Garden Time I thought I would fill you in on the process of planning for the new season. As many of you may know, each year brings new trends to gardening. An example, container gardening is a hot topic, due to the shrinking of the standard garden. In the past few years we have been doing lots of stories on building great containers. We will continue doing stories on letting your garden go to ‘pot’. This year we are also seeing the expansion of the ‘grow-your-own-food’ trend that started last year. Garden centers are gearing up for gardeners that are interested in saving money on their food bill by letting nature help them feed their families. We definitely will be doing more stories on that trend. We will also be covering the ‘green’ trends in gardening. In case you didn’t notice when watching, when we do a story on the show we showcase ‘all’ types of treatment. For example, a weed control story will include chemical controls and also non- chemical treatments. Our job is to educate the viewer and let them make the choice of the type of treatment that best fits their needs.
These stories are not just going to be covered on the show. We will also be including them in our new on-line magazine, Garden Time On-line. The GTO will also tell you about the ‘must have’ plants, local garden adventures you can take and items you can bring from your garden to your table. Stay tuned! Spring is just around the corner!

Garden Time Producer

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