Thursday, January 15, 2009

Italy Gardens – Rome, part 1

Rome took us out of the growing area of Italy and into the city where we saw how garden products make it to the people. As you recall from our earlier blog. Small gardening and containers are a way of life for the gardener in Italy. We saw lots of small florists/plant shops and we found out that is how most people get their plants. This small florist shop is also the local garden center. These small shops try to fill the needs of the local citizenry, but as you can tell it doesn’t have much room for plants. We found a limited selection of plants including citrus, cyclamen, mums and azaleas.
We were told that they rotate their stock to offer the best of each season. We even saw unique selections like this spray painted lily.
In a different part of the city we found this small garden center/flower shop that even had posters that talked about the correct use of pesticides and efficient water management. It had a little more room and even carried heathers, cypress and small maples.
The small maple was selling for 63 euro. Right now that is over $85; pretty expensive for a small tree.
In the local grocery stores you won’t find too many fresh vegetables, at least not the selection that we are accustomed to here in the stores. Most neighborhoods still have vegetable stands. Every morning we would wake up to hear the sound of the market next door to our hotel, getting their delivery of local fresh vegetables.
It was a new, very colorful, show every day when we walked by and sure to make you hungry!!

Next week we see part 2 of Rome.
Jeff Gustin
Garden Time Producer

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