Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pre-spring fever?

Are you tired of winter yet?
I think we all were, right during the crazy snowstorms of December.
How crazy is 6-18 inches of snow in the Willamette Valley?
I hope that you all did not have too much plant & structure damage from those storms.
Being out of town during that time was weird as I kept seeing photos from friends & on the Internet. I was shocked to see the amount of snow covering the area.
As I said in my Blog from Chicago, that city still moves when there is snow.

Since I am back in the swing of the Gardening World, I am ready for spring. I have Pre-Spring Fever. The hellebores & Edgeworthia are blooming as are Primroses & Pansies at the Garden Centers. Bare root roses & fruit trees are in stock. I go to my favorite garden centers & they are ready for us gardeners. The calendar is the one thing holding us back. It’s Mid-January.
I get my garden fix & buy a few Primroses to brighten up my containers. I even brought some in to brighten up the house. I making notes & checking out the new varieties of everything that is available so far. It makes me feel like the calendar doesn’t say January.
At home, I have several new catalogues & magazines. These help by letting me dream a little more. Have you seen the new Plant Delights catalogue or Herb Companion magazine? I see plants to delight the senses & herbal recipes to entice you to cook something up in the kitchen. The Herb Companion spurred me on to try an old recipe I have. I made delicious rosemary herbal butter to spread on my baked potatoes last night. Yum!
We have several weeks to go before the real spring begins. I’ll have to find some more diversions to get me through. Maybe I’ll make some scones with last year’s frozen blueberries.

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