Friday, December 1, 2006

Winter Renewal

December. A dismal month and one of two or three to come for gardeners. But as I stroll throughout my gardens I wonder just how dismal it really is. Each of us has experienced the “down side” of life. Disappointments, heartache, frustrations. What do we do with those emotions? I have always equated my life with my gardens. So as I walk amongst the broken limbs, the brown and seemingly dead perennials, the lack of color, of vibrancy, of beauty, I realize that without this time of death, with out this time of sleep, solace and loneliness, I, like my garden would never feel the bounty of spring, the lackadaisical romance of summer, the fruition of fall. So, as I wonder thru this least favorite time of year, I do what I can. I stake young trees. I prune off the dead foliage, I cover the sleeping plants. Realizing that as with all things in life, winter is but a season. A necessary season and that from this dismal time comes the cacophony of a spring. The glory of new life. So hang on my friends. Do what you can to prepare; for only in effective preparation can one truly anticipate the greatness of the future seasons to come and guiltlessly reap the bounty of those seasons. My best to you all, William

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