Sunday, December 17, 2006

Message from the midwest...

I'm in Chicago for the holidays. What a difference a couple of climate zones make. Not much is green here so for a garden fix I went to the local garden center & bought herbs. I found Thyme, Oregano, Italian (Flat) & Curley Parsley & a very cute Christmas tree topiary of Rosemary. All of these herbs will do well in my Mom's house if we don't use them all as we cook for the parties. She has a sunny (when it's out) spot that is close to the kitchen. We just have to remember to water the pots as needed. This time of year there isn't too much sun but the house is warm & dry so these small containers need to be checked every 3 days for dryness. So far we've cooked Rosemary potatoes, & Pasta with Parsley Pesto. Using these herbs is easier than remembering to pick them up at the grocery store.
Take care Judy

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