Thursday, November 23, 2006

Post Thanksgiving decorating

Since alot of rain is in the forecast for the next few days, I think I will work on a few indoor Christmas decorations. I'm picking up poinsettias and decorating my dining room table. I don't really use it for anything right now & it looks bare with the harvest decorations gone.
I think I will go for the traditional red or burgundy varieties. I'll let you know the ones I choose.
I have some gold meshy fabric, baskets & ceramic pots to make a nice display.
Do you have any centerpiece ideas?
In between rain squalls, I want to clip some of the Nandina(Heavenly
Bamboo) foliage & berries from my front yard. I will also pick up some cut pine & cedar. I love to make arrangements with these to bring in fragrance of the season. Nandina berries will last a long time indoors.
I'm also taking a cue from Carol Sprague at Garden Gallery Ironworks. She had great ideas on last week's show using evergreen boughs to decorate hanging baskets. I think with a little practice, my baskets will look just as nice!


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