Saturday, February 21, 2009

New changes…

The Garden Time crew has been busy during the break since last November. William has traveled the country taking some classes and viewing some shows. Judy has been busy with seminars and helping decided what varieties to grow at the nursery. Producer Jeff has been planning stories for the new season and working on starting the new 'Garden Time On-line' magazine. You can sign up for the Free magazine at the website. We have also take some new pictures for the website.
Aren’t they cute!!!
We are also getting ready for the move. Garden Time will be seen at a new time on KPTV Fox-12 in Portland. We are moving to 8:30am, Saturday mornings. This will be better for a lot of viewers who have wanted us to be on a little sooner so they can get outside and gardening! We are also expanding. We have added CGN-7 in Hood River to our station group. We will be seen there at 9:30 Saturday mornings.
Get ready we start shooting our new season this coming Monday and in our first show we will be at the Yard Garden and Patio show. Check the Garden Time website for a discount coupon so you can see the show and save a little cash!

See you on TV soon!


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