Friday, February 13, 2009


I admit it, I've been lazy in keeping up these blogs. I was supposed to update my blog a few weeks ago but I played hooky. How could I stay at my computer & write about gardening when the sun was shining. I wanted to participate in the real thing!
I pruned my pear tree and cleaned up perennials I know won't need protection for the rest of Winter.
I hope you played hooky too as those sunny days were fleeting. Every February we have those beautiful teases of Spring.
I was really glad I took the time to work in the garden as I watched the beautiful snowfall the next Tuesday. It was pretty and such a picturesque scene it was. The flakes were huge & drifted so perfectly from the sky. I tried not to grumble as it was such a pretty sight but also reality. It is February!
Moral of this blog. Enjoy each day & make the most of it!
Take care.


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