Saturday, November 10, 2007

The rains have started

Time flies too fast plus I have been busy & lazy.
The dog days of summer were here & gone. I turned around & it is November.
There was a weird storm a few weeks ago & I lost my ‘Negronne’ fig tree & ‘Brooks’ Prune.
There was hail & thunder & lightening, strange weather but not a really bad wind or even a power outage.
Next morning it was clear with the sun peeking out. I looked out my kitchen window and my view was obscured by the leaves & branches of this fig tree.
I thought maybe the downpour had really saturated the huge fig leaves & it was over weighted.
I went outside to check it out & the tree was leaning at a 45 degree angle.
It wasn’t cracked, but pulling itself out of the soil.
I also noticed my ‘Brooks’ prune listed a bit. My house sits at the bottom of a hill. I have strived to improve the drainage but I guess I hadn’t done enough.
It is sad when trees have to be taken down.
As gardeners always say or what I tell my customers, you have a new plant opportunity.
Since putting in the new gravel patio & pathways this summer, I worked around existing plants. The fig was right along the path & had to be trimmed to not over step. Figs are a rambunctious plant to espalier!
Now that the Fig is gone, I will plant a Shrub Dogwood ‘Midwinter Fire’ (Cornus). It will love the extra water that comes down the hill & its’ yellow & red branches will be a pretty accent for winter. This plant needs to be cut totally back ever few years for a new brightly colored winter look. The Dogwood will be fast growing shade for my ‘Lemon Daddy’ Hydrangea. It will need PM shade, next summer.
I also bought a Sundance Mexican Orange (Choisya). I will plant this where the ‘Brooks’ prune tree was. The chartreuse, evergreen foliage will echo the Hydrangea foliage & have flowers with orange-blossom fragrance.
I will add compost to the soil & hopefully improve the drainage to prevent root rot.
I will miss the figs & plums from these trees. I have another fig called ‘Desert King’ which has green fruit with a pink inside. It is a great producer & I sometimes get 2 crops when the late summer & fall is hot. The prunes should be available at the local Farmer’s Market. All & all it is a quiet fall with regular chores in the garden.

Goodbye for now. I’m off to rake up leaves.


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