Saturday, November 24, 2007

‘Fuyu’ Persimmon

Yeah! My ‘Fuyu’ Persimmon tree finally has ripened fruit.
This is the 4th season for this tree. I had almost given up seeing & tasting persimmons from my very own tree. If you’ve never seen or tasted persimmons, please take time to read this blog. The trees alone are worth growing in your garden. They grow to 30 feet tall & wide but can be kept smaller as fruit trees should. In summer, the foliage is shiny green. The fall leaf color is a beautiful blend of yellow, orange & red tones. The best part, once the trees are mature, is the orange fruit that hangs on the tree. The fruit is noticeable when it is growing during the summer, but it’s best seen when the fall color display is over. The fruit hangs on the tree after the first frosts to finish it’s ripening. The effect is very pretty.
‘Fuyu’ persimmons are squatty shaped like a flatter tomato. The fruit is a very unique taste. The texture is kind of like an apricot but flavored like an apricot-cantaloupe. It’s hard to describe. You can eat them when firm or a little soft.
I love to slice them & serve with a baguette or crackers and a sharp cheese like gorgonzola. The sweet persimmon & tart cheese tastes great together.
I have also used persimmon in cakes. I even cooked them in a Risotto with Gorgonzola. It wasn’t a pretty dish but very tasty. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can dry them too.
If you’re into trying new foods, just look at your local produce store & pick up a ‘Fuyu’ persimmon. You may even want to plant a tree!
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Blazin Red said...

Hi, I bought a Fuyu Persimmon tree for my Mom a few Birthdays/Christmas back. She seems to be having trouble with it growing fruit to full size. She says it would grow buds of what should become the fruit but it'd grow to the size of a small bead then just mysteriously fall off the tree. She isn't sure if it's cuz the tree is still immature and unable to bear fruit or if there is something she is doing wrong that's causing it. But any advice would be appreciated so my Mom can enjoy the feeling of a tree full of Ripe persimmons.

Garden Time said...

William thinks it is a watering issue. You can contact the people at One Green World (, 1-877-353-4028, toll-free). They are growers of these types of plants and can answer your questions better than us.

Hope that helps,
Garden Time