Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rose Days

Wow, color! The gardens at Heirloom roses are looking great. A lot of people want to get ‘into’ summer when the seasons change. Well this is the place to do that. The gardens are looking fantastic. It is a great place where you can hang out with just a blanket and a picnic lunch and enjoy the day. Every time we stop by for a shoot it is hard for us to get in the car and drive away. It is a little oasis outside of Newberg. Check out some of these varieties that we found out there.
Benjamin Britten,
Rock and Roll,
Velvet Fragrance.

Your chance to enjoy the gardens and enjoy a true springtime event is this weekend (June 20-21) for the annual Rose Days event. Heirloom will have a ton of events happening this weekend and you can enjoy them all. There will be tours of the gardens, wine and chocolate tasting, hot bar-b-que and lots of garden tools and art to take home. It should be a great time. Stop by and enjoy the garden. Check out for more info.
Garden Time


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