Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feeding frenzy

We were out working in the garden this last week and couldn’t believe all the activity at the Ribes sanguineum. It is covered with mason bees, hummingbirds (sorry, I couldn’t get a picture of them) and other beneficial bugs. The funny thing about this plant… it is a volunteer. We think a bird did a little seed dropping, and voila, we have a new plant in the garden! Another great benefit of bringing birds to your backyard!
Check out the happy mason bee in our bee block. They have been busy with the ribes and all of the dwarf fruit trees we have in our garden.

Garden time

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Mizz Bee said...

Hooray! I see that your bee house is a busy one. I also had great success with mine last year. I try to encourage people to start their own bee houses; they can be a source of great satisfaction. But I also remind them that other bees nest in the soil, hollow twigs, tree holes, etc. I tell them that a few bare spots in the lawn may be very beneficial to bees, as well as some tree stumps, turned into planters (instead of being cut down to the ground). Leaf litter can be a good shelter for some butterfly pupae, such as fritillaries. Who doesn't love a fritillary in the garden?