Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, I heard the winter weather is coming this weekend. Timberline ski area is finally getting snow. Snow is predicted for the valley floor. It is Wednesday afternoon, I’ll believe it when I see it. The media has to talk about something and snow for the weekend is today’s topic!
Just in case the temperatures drop & snow appears, here are some tips for the garden & patio.
Make sure you take in the saucers for your containers. If the water in them freezes, they may crack. Use ceramic feet or some kind of riser to create an air space between the containers & surface underneath. This is to ensure good drainage during the wet season & therefore prevent ice in the pot. The pot may crack if that happens.
At night, bring in your Citrus plants. They are pretty cold hardy but extreme temps will hurt them. I leave my ‘Meyer’s Improved Lemon’ tree on the deck as long as possible in the winter but take it in when it gets below 25F.
We have had rain the last few days but if it’s just cold & dry, make sure plants get watered. Trees & Shrubs die more from being dry, cold & wind blown than just cold temperatures. If you use the hose, bring the hose back in the garage & shut off the water so the hose isn’t damaged & the faucet doesn’t freeze.
Use Wilt Pruf or other antidessicant on evergreen plants. This product seals the plants pores & prevents water loss through the leaves.
All winter rain or not, you should check your plants & containers that are in rain shadows or under the eaves. They may not be getting enough water.
Protect tender or newly planted plants. Put a covering of leaves over the crown of the plant or if feasible, cover with a blanket over night. Remember to take it off in the morning.
After all the chores are done, it’s time for us all to be warm & snuggled for the Arctic Blast that might be coming. Make sure you have a good garden book/magazine, seed catalogue or other fine reading available. Make sure you have wood for the fireplace or the pilot is on for the gas one. I like to have an adult-type beverage to accompany this kind of burrowing in on a cold day.
Relax, it’s the start of Winter.

Take Care. Stay Warm.

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