Friday, April 27, 2007

Opportunity calling

This is a great time of Spring. I love to see the new plants coming up, leaves on the trees coming out & seeing what made it & what did not. It's part of gardening. Seeing old friends arrive back after the winter & missing the ones who will not be returning. As I heard one day at a plant sale, this is called opportunity. I now have an opportunity to try some new plants & a new design in my back yard.
I'm taking out 2 of my 4 raised veggie beds. The bed with the asparagus is definitely gone. I'm bummed that my asparagus didn't make it. This would have been the 3RD year. The year to harvest. I think the bed, eventhough raised, collected water from a higher bed. I'll have to re-think an asparagus patch. This whole area does get alot of winter water. My yard is the lowest on a sloping street. I'm going to stop fighting the lay of the land.
I am going to put in a mini patio with a fire pit & containers.
I will re-position the remaining vegetable beds & landscape around them.
I will also take out a sickly looking miniature rose bush & a sickly looking Nandina (Heavenly bamboo).
I am getting my ideas down on paper. I will be shopping around for plant ideas while visiting Garden Time sponsors & other nurseries we discover.
I hope to keep you filled in on my progress. I also think I will keep on track because you will be looking over my shoulder. Let me know if you're working on new garden projects.
Take care.

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